Narcisse E.Esfahani was born in Tehran, Iran in autumn 1982. From early ages, Art became an important part of her life. She started to treat herself by her passion of painting and playing with the shadows on walls which developed creativity and innovations in her mind.  Her formal art studies began in Visual Arts high school, in Tehran. She entered the Art & Architecture University of Tehran to study Industrial design, and later she moved to France to continue her studies in Fine Arts at Le Mirail University and in Design at Ecole Des Beaux-arts in Toulouse where she was awarded for her hard working. In addition to her professional experiences, she has also worked as a photographer, product designer, space designer (commercial & public spaces, industrial exhibition, residential), set designer, creative director and art teacher at art institutes including a high school and a university.

As a neonomad, Narcisse has lived throughout Asia, Europe and North America working and exhibiting her arts in various countries. She has participated in several group and solo shows and festivals in Canada, France and Iran. She has worked in at least five movies and TV shows in Art direction department in Canada and in Iran. In 2014, she won the Mentorship program grant from M.A.I (Montréal arts interculturels). So far, “TIC ART TOC” Art magazine, in Montreal, has published more than 10 photos of her photographic work. Currently, she is living in Montreal working in visual art and design fields.

Beside the various subjects, she has engaged in working on self-portrait projects since 2009. Currently, she is developing a videoography project which the Jeunes mécènes grant from C.A.M (Conseil des arts de Montréal) in 2016.